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Video: Hardworking Jozy Altidore pulls amazing goal out of his you know what

Jozy Altidore created a goal out of nothing and it was an absolutely fantastic one to boot.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Jozy Altidore had a message for Jurgen Klinsmann on Saturday: "HOW'S THIS FOR NOT WORKING HARD AND CREATING MY OWN CHANCES."

That'll do, Jozy. That'll do.


Altidore's goal earned AZ a 2-2 draw away to ADO Den Haag, a crucial point for a team that had fallen out of the Eredivisie's top half. With the top of the league out of reach and any hopes of the Champions League fading, AZ desperately need points just to make up some ground and get back in the Europa League battle. They got one of those thanks to Altidore.

It wasn't a sterling match for Altidore, who struggled for long stretches to find the ball and was a bit late on several of his runs, but it is unlikely that anyone in Alkmaar cares right now. Nobody cares when you can pull a goal like that out of your you know what.

Take a bow, Jozy.