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Jozy Altidore scores a great goal to extend lead atop Eredivisie scoring list

Jozy Altidore beat the entire RKC defense for his eighth goal of the Eredivisie season.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos - Getty Images

Jozy Altidore is a goal scoring machine. He added another goal to his Eredivisie-leading tally on Sunday in a AZ Alkmaar win, but this one was a little bit more special than his past goals.

Whereas Altidore has made a habit of ghosting into space or just being more athletic than the would-be defenders, this goal was all skill., Altidore dribbled through the RKC Waalwijk defense, weaving in and out of defenders before slotting home for a key goal in AZ's 3-3 draw.

Gol, freaking, azo.

Altidore's game just continues to grow. He still has his issues, work rate included, but a lot of the things that used to be considered hols in his game no longer are.

This is proof of that growth. He plays with his back to goal, keeps the ball, makes a good turn, dribbles the ball with confidence and instead of blasting his shot, just slides it into the corner.

But still, Altidore doesn't work hard enough to play Jurgen Klinsmann's way up top. This goal doesn't change that.