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Rubio Rubin tallies two assists in breakout game for Utrecht

Rubio Rubin is one of the United States' brightest young players and this is a big season for him, as he looks to establish himself at FC Utrecht. It looked like he was doing just that, earning more and more playing time, and on Saturday he took another major step to becoming a regular at the Eredivisie club, picking up two assists.

His first assist wasn't spectacular, but he did a good job or getting a cross off from an awkward play.

Gyrano Kerk by goalsandmore

The American then did have a spectacular assist, playing in a perfect through ball.

Ruud Boymans by goalsandmore

Unfortunately for Rubin and Utrecht, they blew their 2-0 lead and lost to Go Ahead Eagles, 3-2.

Rubin has yet to score for Utrecht, and as a striker that's something he'll obviously have to do, but this was a big match for him. The Dutch media was very complimentary of his play, he contributed to two goals and it looks like he has firmly established himself in the team, all at the age of 18.