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Brek Shea to train with Orlando City

Could this be the first step in Brek Shea's return to MLS?

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds

Brek Shea will begin a 10-day training stint with Orlando City on Thursday, according to the Orlando Sentinel. As of now, it is only to train and not with an eye to a loan or buy, but that could change.

Shea has barely played since joining Stoke City in January of 2013 and doesn't appear to have much of a future with the Potters. When he moved to the Brittania, it looked like he was a lock for the World Cup team, but his lack of playing time made it so Jurgen Klinsmann couldn't even justify putting him on the preliminary roster.

Earlier this year, Shea was linked to Toronto FC and his agent admitted that he had discussions with the club so Shea is obviously open to a MLS move. To what degree remains unclear.

Orlando would make a logical landing spot for Shea. Their general manager, Paul McDonough, used to be Shea' agent and their president, Phil Rawlins, was a director at Stoke when the club bought Shea.

Shea would have to find a place to play for the next six months because Orlando City doesn't begin play until next season, so his next match would be in March of 2015, with him not joining the Lions' preseason until late January. Still, if Shea is going to go anywhere in MLS, Orlando fits, and while this training stint is just that, it wouldn't be surprising at all if the Lions and Shea used it to get to know each other before deciding on a loan or buy.

At just 24 years old, Shea's career is hardly done, and that includes internationally. He could still play a part for the U.S., and Klinsmann appears to like him, but he needs to play. He could do that in Orlando.