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Five Premier League teams interested in signing John Brooks

The 21-year-old American defender may be on the move.

Martin Rose

John Brooks could be on the move. Five Premier League teams are trying to sign the United States central defender from Hertha Berlin, according to Sky Sports. Other teams in the Bundesliga and Ligue 1 are also interested.

Aston Villa, Stoke City, Everton, West Ham and Newcastle are the teams reportedly interested in signing Brooks. Obviously, Everton would be the biggest team for Brooks to join after finishing fifth last season and the arrow pointing up under the stewardship of Roberto Martinez, but all five teams are relatively prominent clubs with tremendous support.

Brooks had an up and down season for Hertha Berlin in 2012-13. He started strong, but had a miserable middle of the season, marked by his getting a back tattoo that sidelined him for a few days and drew the ire of his manager. But Brooks returned last in the season and finished the season in his best form.

At 6'4'' with good pace, Brooks is a physical specimen. He is also just 21 years old so it is no surprise that several teams are interested in Brooks. The question will be whether they are willing to shell out the cash and whether he wants to leave. Brooks came up through the Hertha academy and turned down Bayern Munich as a teenager so he clearly has a love for the club, making it tough to lure him away.