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Mix Diskerud scores great goal in Champions League qualifier

Mix Diskerud didn't play at the World Cup. Maybe he should have?

It's easy to second guess Jurgen Klinsmann. You're never wrong in hindsight, but after watching Mix Diskerud's gorgeous goal for Rosenborg in their Champions League qualifier, it's tough not to wonder if he could have made a difference in Brazil. After all, the U.S. went out with an offensive wimper, while Mix did not play a single minute at the World Cup.

Regardless, Mix is just 23 years old and figure to be in contention for at least one more World Cup. This isn't a bad way to start the next cycle.

Another thing that wouldn't be too bad is finding a new club. Mix's contract with Rosenborg is up in January and hes been linked to a move elsewhere, with Celtic as the most popular rumored destination To keep it short, he can do much better.

In the meantime, admire this goal. And his hair. But also this goal because it's pretty.