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Julian Green listed on Bayern Munich first team roster

Julian Green is officially on the first team.

Christian Petersen

Pep Guardiola said that Julian Green would play a part with Bayern Munich's first team this season and, at least in the preseason, that looks like the case. As Bayern get ready for summer training, the American has been listed on the team's first team roster.

This isn't a case of Bayern giving everyone a chance at the first team in the preseason. The club only lists 26 first team players, and that includes their newest signings so it really is close to a first team. Green is listed as a forward, along with four others, and is one of only two players born in 1995, making him one of the youngest on the team.

Guardiola said earlier in the summer that he thought Green was ready for the first team and could spell some of their starters. With Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben getting older, they figure to need more time off, possibly opening the door for Green (although Bayern are hardly short on other options to spell them or anyone else). But maybe the biggest opening for Green is the sheer number of matches Bayern play between the league, Champions League and cups. With that many contests, they need a deep roster and Green is now part of it.

Green is obviously a big part of the future of U.S. Soccer. He was the youngest player on the World Cup roster and even scored a goal. Now the U.S. needs him to make the next step and become a fixture for them, which starts with becoming a regular at Bayern Munich. This is the first step.