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Pep Guardiola continues to insist Julian Green will stay with Bayern Munich

Pep Guardiola says Julian Green isn't going anywhere.

Mike Zarrilli

Pep Guardiola really believes Julian Green is going to spend the season with Bayern Munich instead of going out on loan. He keeps saying that the plan is to keep the American and he said so again on Tuesday ahead of Bayern's U.S. tour.

"Now he stays with us. He’s going to stay with us and make preseason," Guardiola confirmed on Tuesday. "I think he’s going to stay [for the season], but we have to see how is the market, if one player is back or what players come in."

So Guardiola did hedge a bit, saying that things could change, but that is to be expected. Green is one of their best young players so he'll draw interest from other teams and could be sent on loan if the right offer comes up, while they are Bayern Munich and might buy a good player if the right deal comes up. At the time, though, they plan to keep him.

"Today I think he’s going to stay, but I think we’ll see the preseason. We have time. I know him and I know he trains well and he’s a good guy and my first idea is that he’s going to stay for the rest of the season."

If Green stays and plays well, he could very well play 15 or 20 matches this season, a handful of which would be starts. Bayern have a lot of matches and both Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben aren't the most durable of players. That's not to say that Green would be the first choice to replace either of them, but he would be in the mix if he has a strong preseason and proves he's ready for this level.

For now, all there is to do is wait and watch. It's what Guardiola is doing, hoping Green shows he's ready to cut it with the Bayern first team, and it's what we'll be doing too.