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Freddy Adu goes on trial with AZ Alkmaar

Oh hey, he's still a thing. Kind of.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Freddy Adu lives! And he's on trial with AZ Alkmaar, the club has confirmed.

AZ has had success with Americans, getting 51 goals in two years from Jozy Altidore and a 16-goal campaign from Aron Johannsson last season. Probably not coincidentally, former United States international Earnie Stewart is the club's technical director.

Adu hasn't settled with a club since leaving the Philadelphia Union in 2012. He had a failed six-month stint with Bahia, where he played only two matches, and has been without a club since November of 2013. Since, he has had training spells with Blackpool and Stabaek, both of which were unsuccessful.

Adu hasn't played for the U.S. since the 2011 Gold Cup, when he was a surprise inclusion on the roster, but played extremely well. Unfortunately for him, that tournament also marked the end of the road for Bob Bradley as U.S. manager and his club career fell off so he hasn't had any case for an international call-up since.

Amazingly, Adu is still just 25 years old so, theoretically, he could still make a case to get back into the international picture again, but seeing as he couldn't entice Blackpool or Stabaek to offer him contracts, there isn't a lot of reason to be optimistic. AZ isn't a great club, but they have some talent and won't sign Adu unless he impresses. He hasn't done that in three years.