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Mikkel Diskerud's next move may be to Celtic

UK outlets seem to think he's poised to join the Scottish giants.


Mikkel Diskerud's days at Rosenborg appear to be numbered and outlets throughout the United Kingdom are reporting that Celtic is likely his next stop. Although Diskrud has professed a willingness to remain with Rosenborg, it appears as though the Norwegian club is interested in off-loading him while they can still get a transfer fee, reported to be in the range of £250,000.

A move to Celtic would almost certainly be a step up in competition from the Tippeligaen, but how big of one is certainly debatable. On the plus side, Celtic is a mainstay in Champions League virtue of their total domination of the Scottish Premier League. This year, they enter in the second qualifying round and will play Iceland's Reykjavík FC starting on July 15. Celtic is currently coming off a third straight SPL title, finishing 29 points clear of second-place Motherwell last season after losing just one of their 38 matches and boasting a +77 goal difference.

At the same time, it's hard not to be a little disappointed. Although Diskerud was one of just two field players not to get any playing time during the United States' World Cup run, the 23-year-old has shown much promise and could almost certainly find a home on a less prestigious team in a more competitive league. One option would almost certainly be MLS, where he was reportedly close to signing ahead of last season with the Portland Timbers before choosing to return to Rosenborg. Diskerud was reportedly happy to play for the Timbers, but balked at the idea that he could be traded within the league.

While based on his resume alone, MLS is unlikely to bend its rules. But you factor the Q-rating of those flowing locks? Maybe MLS is simply guilty of failing to think big.