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Julian Green goes on loan to Hamburg from Bayern Munich

The 18-year-old American starlet will spend the season with HSV.

Lars Baron

Julian Green will not be spending the season with Bayern Munich after all. The United States starlet is going to Hamburg on a season-long loan, where he will hope to get more playing time and continue to develop.

Bayern manager Pep Guardiola spent much of the summer saying that he would keep Green with the first team this season instead of sending him out on loan, but that was also when it looked like the club would sell a few players -- namely Xherdan Shaqiri. But Bayern haven't trimmed their wide players and it's unlikely Green would have seen the pitch much had he stayed in Munich, leaving him to play with the reserves to get playing time and he already proved last season that he's too good for that level of play.

Now he's going to another Bundesliga team, so he'll be playing in the top flight, and likely playing often. HSV are a pretty terrible team so the competition for playing time won't be too stuff and even if they are relegated, it won't be Green's problem. He'll be back with Bayern next season.

Green's father confirmed the move and said that the 19-year-old has Jurgen Klinsmann's blessing.

Bayern Munich have made a habit of sending some of their best young players on loan to smaller Bundesliga clubs. They sent Toni Kroos to Bayer Leverkusen for a year before he joined their first team, David Alaba spent half of a season with Hoffenheim and even Philipp Lahm went on loan to Stuttgart for two years. After spending some time at another Bundesliga club, those players were better and comfortable in the league, giving them a fair chance to crack the ultra-excellent Bayern team.

The hope will be that Green has a good season at HSV this year and by next summer, is really ready to contribute to Bayern. At just 19 years old, there is no rush with Green and he's still going to be a very young kid playing in the Bundesliga. That's quite an accomplishment and a big plus for the U.S., who don't just want to see him become a star, but they want him to be capable of contributing to the senior team right away.

It would have been great to see Green play for Bayern Munich, and the plan is still for him to do so, but a loan is the right move for him now. Playing time at the Allianz Arena was going to be scarce and now he's looking at a full season of development in the Bundesliga -- where he'll be depended upon by his team and tested every week on the pitch. For a young player, that's ideal, and the Americans' top prospect is now in an ideal situation.