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Marco van Basten looks set to remain AZ and Aron Johannsson's manager

Jeff J Mitchell

One of the more exciting prospects for Americans abroad this season was Aron Johannsson's chance to play for Marco van Basten. The legendary former Dutch striker was supposed to be the American forward's manager, but that was thrown into doubt when van Basten ran into some health problems. He was sidelined for three weeks and reports out of the Netherlands indicated that he would have to leave the club, but that won't be the case.

AZ confirmed on Monday that van Basten has been given a clean bill of health, returned to training this week and there is no concern that he will have to step down. He will remain the AZ manager.

There are some questions about how good of a manager van Basten is, but he was a very good striker and has helped several strikers he has managed. So while it is unclear how successful the 49-year-old will be for AZ, he should give Johannsson a nice boost. Learning from a manager like van Basten can only help a striker.

Of course, van Basten can only help Johannsson if the American can play. So far, that hasn't been the case as he's been hurt all season, but he is only a few weeks away from a return and, when he does, van Basten will be there to manage him.