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Hamburg fire Mirko Slomka, Julian Green to get new manager

Matej Divizna

Julian Green will have his third manager in as many weeks. According to Sky Germany, Hamburg have fired Mirko Slomka,leaving Green waiting to see who will lead the club for the remainder of the season.

It's not a surprise that Hamburg have given Slomka the sack. They were off to a terrible start this season, taking just one point from three matches and sinking to the bottom of the table. It was only a matter of time, even if it is tough on Green to go from Pep Guardiola, to Slomka, to whoever Hamburg hire now in a matter of weeks.

Green made his Hamburg debut over the weekend, showing some sparks, but also that he needs to get stronger and adjust to playing in the top flight. It's never a good thing when a young player has constant manager change, and that Hamburg are not led by the man who brought Green in certainly isn't a positive, but it shouldn't spell doom for the American.

Hamburg are really awful, and it's not just because they have been losing. They have very little talent so no matter who the new manager is, it's tough to see Green being relegated to bench duty. He's too talented and there aren't enough good players on the squad to displace him.

Things may get better for Hamburg, they may even get worse, but bet on Green playing regardless. The manager won't change that.