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Marco van Basten steps down as AZ manager, Aron Johannsson will get new coach

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Aron Johannsson will be getting a new manager after all. A day after AZ Alkmaar said that Marco van Basten would remain their manager, he has stepped down from the post.

The legendary former Dutch striker has been on leave for the past few weeks dealing with health issues and there were reports that he would step down, but the club refuted them yesterday. Now they have been proven true, but van Basten will not be completely walking away from AZ. He will remain on as an assistant coach and work with players in training.

"I have the recent years, noticed that the box of head coach increasingly causing me physical and mental discomfort," van Basten told the AZ website. "Therefore, I decided to be myself and towards AZ honest. I wanted to return in Alkmaar on the training, but not as head coach.

"I have therefore at AZ this desire, and after extensive discussions with AZ, Alex Pastor and Dennis Haar, we have for all parties found a suitable solution. I am delighted with my new role, which is more in the shade. I want to go. Those young talents to work in the field "

One of the more interesting things among Americans abroad this season was how would van Basten help Johannsson. While van Basten's managing career has been mixed, he was a great striker himself and has tutored some greats. The belief was that he would give Johannsson a big boost. Now he is out as manager, but he will be a coach and working with players, so Johannsson still might get the tutoring we hopes he would.

First things first, Johannsson needs to get fit. But maybe he'll get the full van Basten classes yet.