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Fulham fire Felix Magath, Emerson Hyndman getting new manager

The 18-year-old American's place in the team is in doubt as Fulham look for a new manager.

David Rogers

The Felix Magath era at Fulham is over. And that means 18-year-old American Emerson Hyndman will be getting a new manager.

The London club has, unsurprisingly, given the German manager the boot. Fulham were off to an awful start this season, managing just one point in their first seven matches and landing at the bottom of the Championship. They were outscored 18 to six too, so it's not as if they could claim that they were simply unlucky. They had been crushed repeatedly, and looked nothing like a competent team so the Cottagers didn't really have much of a choice but to sack Magath.

With Magath out, Fulham have turned to Kit Symons as caretaker manager. Symons has been a caretaker manager thrice before, twice with Crystal Palace and once with Colchester United.

Exactly where the midfielder Hyndman fits in with Symons, and then with whoever Fulham hire, remains to be seen. He played well for Fulham when given the chance, making four starts this season and going 90 minutes in three of them. He is a somewhat limited player at the time, largely because of a lack of strength and experience, but on a team where the play was generally awful, he was a shining light. Never spectacular, but always tidy and responsible, Hyndman played well above what was expected for his age.

Under Magath, Fulham leaned on the kids, which made sense considering their lack of experience talent and excellent academy, but it didn't pay off. With the youth focus continue without Magath? If not, Hyndman may end up seeing his playing time drastically cut.