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Julian Green not worried about Hamburg situation with new manager

Meg Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Julian Green is a 19-year-old on loan at a club that is expected to be fighting relegation. It was a tough enough situation, but then Hamburg sacked manager Mirko Slomka, throwing roadblock in front of him.

Not only is the manager who brought Green to the club out, but new manager Josef Zinnbauer will be under pressure to get results from the get-go. That doesn't always bode well for youngsters. But Green is not worrying.

"It will not be the last sacking in my career. That's just normal in football. But all hopes for this season are totally independent from the coach," Green told ESPNFC. "I want to win minutes, score goals, and show that I can hold my ground at the highest level."

Green has good reason not to be concerned. Well, two good reasons:

1. Zinnbauer's prior managerial experience was with the Hamburg reserves, where he got off to a perfect start this season. He has no reason not to trust young players seeing as that is all he has worked with to this point.

2. Hamburg are severely lacking in talent. Although Green did struggle some in his first match, it's not as if HSV have any better options on the wing than the young American.

Next up for Green is a meeting with his parent club, Bayern Munich. It should be a thrashing, but maybe Green can have a few nice moments.