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Watch Jozy Altidore's goal for Sunderland in the Capital One Cup

Jozy scored a real goal!


Jozy Altidore scored a real goal for Sunderland in a real competition. And it was good. It was damn good.

He got the ball from 18 yards, turned with a step back to create space, and fired a great shot into the side netting. It showed skill, awareness and power.


Altidore is still a long ways off from cementing his place at Sunderland. He needed a competition like the Capital One Cup just to get a start and was dreadful off the bench last weekend, but maybe this can be a turning point. The American certainly needs a confidence boost and scoring a goal -- and a good one at that -- could go a long ways to giving him that.

So Altidore is still second (or really, third) choice, but at least he's on the scoresheet now. At least he looks the part of a Premier League player, even if just on one goal.