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How to win in Mother Russia: Clear eyes, full hearts

The United States heads to Russia, where they only need one thing for victory.

Kevork Djansezian

Mother Russia is a scary place. It is filled with all the evils that Ronald Reagan warned us of, except now it all comes in Vladimir Putin form. But that icy cold, miserable Russia from the movies? Oh yeah, it's still there. Moscow is a dreadful, freezing place, so says the stereotype. When the United States plays Russia today, they will be right in the middle of it all. They are walking into the lion's den of cold and dreary.

Check that, apparently all of Russia is not that way and there are lovely places. Krasnodar is one of them, where the U.S. will play tonight in lovely 50 degree weather.

Still, the U.S. will be playing a good Russia team that is among the best in Europe under Fabio Capello. They are facing a tall task, but one that can be conquered with the requisite core values of any successful sports team.

Clear eyes, full hearts.