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Jurgen Klinsmann's son, also good at soccer, picks college

Jonathan Klinsmann will be a Golden Bear.

Victor Decolongon

Jurgen Klinsmann's son, Jonathan, is pretty good at soccer. Of course, he's a goalkeeper, not a striker, and instead of being a Germany star, he's a borderline youth national teamer for the United States, but that's still pretty good. And that pretty good player will play his college soccer for Cal.

Cal has a history of churning out good goalkeepers, as evidenced by Stefan Frei and Erik Kronberg, so it makes sense for Klinsmann to head to Berkeley.

Interestingly, or maybe for good reason (I couldn't tell you much about Klinsmann besides where he's played), but Klinsmann never joined a MLS academy, which he could have done with the Galaxy or Chivas. Instead, he played for the Irvine Strikers, a local club team that is not a part of the Development Academy, which Jurgen has played a role in growing as part of U.S. Soccer's overhaul of youth soccer in the country.

Update: Klinsmann does play in the Development Academy. They are listed as Strikers FC on the DA site, not Irvine Strikers, but they are a part of the program and pretty successful.

Anyway, now he is heading to Berkeley, where he hopes to follow in the footsteps of Frei and Kronberg. Plus, Cal just got itself a very famous father.