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Timothy Chandler headed back to USMNT?

If his club's website is to be believed, Timothy Chandler will be on the U.S. squad for their friendly against Russia.

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Johannes Simon

According to the website of Timothy Chandler's club team FC Nürnburg, fullback Timothy Chandler has been called up by Jürgen Klinsmann and will join the United States squad for their friendly match against Russia on Wednesday. Chandler has been away from the U.S. team to focus on his club career, and in the opinion of some, to see if Germany were interested in bringing him into their setup before he committed to the United States.

Of course, because Wednesday's match is a friendly it does not mean that Chandler is fully committed to playing for the U.S. He is still allowed to file a one-time switch to Germany as long as he does not play in any competitive matches for the USMNT, but this is obviously a great step in the right direction for Klinsmann. If Nürnburg's site is true -- and why wouldn't it be? -- Chandler's obviously a lot closer to playing for the U.S. going forward.

Hopefully, we'll hear from Chandler and Klinsmann on the fullback's future with the USMNT when they speak to the media ahead of the Russia match. Until then, we're in wait and see mode, and we might stay in wait and see mode until Chandler plays a game in the hex.