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Photos: USA centennial jersey, crest and apparel leaks

The U.S. has gone simple and clean for the centennial jerseys, crest and apparel with great success.

It is the 100th year of the United States Soccer Federation, which means a year-long centennial celebration and a chance to sell you some more gear. Luckily, it looks like the jerseys, jackets, hats and whatever else the U.S. throws out there for you to buy is going to be really, really good looking.


As you can see, the centennial crest is simpler, cleaner and, frankly, better looking that the regular crest. Call it traditional, classic or whatever you would like, it looks sharp.

Probably most interesting to most fans is the jersey, which you can expect the U.S. to wear for a high profile friendly or two in the summer and maybe for a World Cup qualifier or even through the Gold Cup. It's not a unique design from Nike, who are using the same template for Brazil's jersey, but it looks great nonetheless. The simplicity of it it perfect for a 100-year jersey, it draws attention to the crest and will probably look excellent.

U.S. Soccer and Nike want your money. Thankfully, it looks like they will be giving you something worthwhile for it.