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U.S. women add two friendlies to fall schedule

The United States women have added two friendlies to the end of their 2012 schedule, against Ireland.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

U.S. Soccer has announced the addition of two friendlies to the United States women's team's schedule for the rest of 2012. The federation is calling all of their post-Olympics friendlies in 2012 part of their "U.S. Women's National Team Fan Tribute Tour", and these two matches should cap it off. They'll take on Ireland on Nov. 28 in Portland, followed by a Dec. 1 matchup against that same Ireland team in Glendale, Ariz.

The U.S. have played three friendlies since winning the gold medal in London, winning all three of them. Later this month, they face a serious challenge when they take on Germany in a two-game series. The first match is on Oct. 20 at Toyota Park, the home of the Chicago Fire, and that's followed up by an Oct. 23 at regular USWNT host stadium Rentschler Field, home of the University of Connecticut football team.

Ireland finished third in their 2011 World Cup qualification group, eight points behind qualifiers Switzerland. In their qualifying group for Euro 2013, they finished in fourth, 15 points behind group winners France and seven points behind playoff qualifiers Scotland.