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Alejandro Bedoya could be on his way out of Nantes

The American had not yet agreed to a new contract with the club.

Mike Lawrie

Alejandro Bedoya's stay at Nantes has been an unqualified success. The American made a big jump, going to Ligue 1, and he has not just improved, he's become a very important player for the French club. One would think that would make both he and the club eager to sign a new contract and keep them together for the foreseeable future, but it doesn't look like that will happen.

Contract talks between Bedoya and Nantes have broken down, according to Goal. The midfielder's contract doesn't expire until the summer of 2016, but if he doesn't have a new contract by the upcoming summer then Nantes are looking at selling him on the cheap or even letting him leave on a free the following season. Still, they couldn't agree to terms.

"We had discussions with Nantes on a new contract but we couldn’t reach an agreement" Bedoya’s agent, Lyle Yorks, told Goal. "We will explore options with him in January and he could move then or in the summer."

Complicating matters is Nantes' transfer ban. They cannot buy players until the summer so if they were to sell Bedoya in January, they couldn't buy a replacement. That makes it seem more likely that they will wait until the summer to sell him, if they do sell him. Nantes currently sit fifth in the league and are making a run at a European place so it's tough to see them severely weakening their side mid-season.

It is still possible that the two sides can agree to a new contract. That would be ideal because Bedoya has found a nice fit with the club and doesn't just play regularly, but it central to what they do. He's doing it as the only American field player starting regularly in one of Europe's top five leagues too so if he and Nantes could sort things out, that would be the best option. If not, he may be on the move again.