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Oguchi Onyewu signs with Charlton


Oguchi Onyewu has found a new home. At least for now.

The United States central defender has signed with Charlton Athletic, where he will play until January. It is a short contract, but the two sides could agree to extend it.

Onyewu played for Sheffield Wednesday last season, but hasn't played since. He trained with D.C. United over the summer to stay fit, but has been a free agent and struggled to generate interest. Now he joins a team sitting ninth in the Championship, but just one point out of the promotion playoffs and four from an automatic promotion place.

We've reached the point where we have to wonder if this could be it for the 32-year-old Onyewu. He never really returned to full fitness after injuring his knee in October 2009, going from a dominant defender for the U.S. and an AC Milan player to a journeyman who hasn't impressed on the international stage. Clearly, at this point, there isn't a ton of interest from clubs in him so he needs to play well or there may not be any interest before long.

It's tough to see Onyewu struggle like this. He was so good and, by all accounts, is a good guy. It was such a bummer that one injury sidetracked his career so hopefully he can play well at Charlton and find a home there, or somewhere.