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DeAndre Yedlin reportedly gets Latvian passport, can join Tottenham

Mike Ehrmann

DeAndre Yedlin has his Latvian passport and will be able to to play for Tottenham Hotspur beginning in January, according to The Mirror. As the holder of a passport from a European Union country, Yedlin no longer needs a UK work permit.

Yedlin is eligible for Latvian citizenship and a passport through a grandparent, and he needed to get it. He did not fulfill the UK's requirement for an automatic work permit -- playing in 75% of the United States' competitive matches in the last two years -- and may have had a hard time getting a work permit. Without one, he would not have been able to join Spurs.

It is still unclear when Yedlin will join Spurs. Originally, most people assumed that he would make the move to White Hart Lane next summer, but a serious injury to Kyle Walker has left Tottenham a bit thin at right back. Mauricio Pochettino has said that Yedlin could begin playing for Spurs in January and now that he has a Latvian passport, the chances of that are much higher.