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Watch Rubio Rubin score his first goal for FC Utrecht

The 18-year-old American has his first professional goal.

Rubio Rubin is one of the United States' best young prospects. He's 18 years old, already playing regularly for FC Utrecht despite just signing there in the spring and has already started a match for the senior national team.

Oh, and now he has a goal to his name.

The forward notched his first professional goal in Utrecht's 5-1 win on Saturday, knocking home a rebound to get on the scoresheet.

Rubin has been good for Utrecht early on this season, but his final touch has failed him. Whether it's a pass or a shot, Rubin's good work has gone for naught at the end of the play, which hardly crippling for an 18-year-old, but it's good to see him finish a play off. He didn't even have to set this one up for do anything spectacular, but he did exactly what he needed and he finally has himself a goal.