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Jozy Altidore could go to Lille on loan in January

The American could make the jump to France, and it'd be a pretty fantastic fit.

Mike Hewitt

Jozy Altidore needs out of Sunderland and he's basically admitted as much, saying he would leave the club in January if he wasn't playing more by then. Well, he's not going to play more, so the rumors of him moving are kicking up and Lille have emerged as a heavily linked team interested in him.

On the surface, Lille would be a pretty excellent move for Altidore. They have allowed just 10 goals in 12 matches, yet sit 12th in Ligue 1 because they have only scored nine. They desperately need help up top, with Divock Origi looking like the only mildly competent goalscorer, and he's just 19 years old on loan from Liverpool.

Lille are a good club too, having finished third in the league last season. They missed out on the group stage of the Champions League after losing to Porto in the playoff round and are struggling in the Europa League because they cannot score, but they won Ligue 1 as recently as 2011.

Sunderland have done nothing wrong with Altidore. They gave him chances and he didn't make good on them. That they would want to cut him loose is fine, and it would be better for Altidore if they did. No one is necessarily at fault here, but the American needs to find a new club and Lille is a pretty fantastic fit. Hopefully it comes good.