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Jurgen Klinsmann says USMNT players have struggled since World Cup

The U.S. needs its players to play well for club so they can do so for country. That's not happening.

Martin Rose

Jurgen Klinsmann is not happy with what he seen from his United States players since the World Cup, especially the European based ones. He doesn't think they have been playing at a high level and are a long ways off the form they were at just five months ago.

"Right now at the end of 2014, going into the last two friendly games, looking at the last couple months, is a bit of a concern to us," Klinsmann said in a video released by US Soccer.

"A lot of our players that played really well in the World Cup and were consistent and worked very, very hard really dropped their performances after the World Cup, even after they are starters with their teams or in many cases unfortunately are not starters in their teams anymore. And I'm looking more at the European players in that moment."

It's tough to disagree with Klinsmann's statement. Several MLS-based players have struggled, most notably Matt Besler. But in Europe the problem is much worse.

Jozy Altidore can't sniff the field for Sunderland, while John Brooks angered his club yet again and ended up back with the youth team. Timothy Chandler and Fabian Johnson are playing sparingly for their new Bundesliga clubs and even Tim Howard isn't near the form he was in last season. Injuries haven't helped either as Aron Johannsson just played his first matches of the season Geoff Cameron missed a chunk of the season and Julian Green was also hurt. Maybe the only players still playing well and regularly in Europe right now are Brad Guzan, Mix Diskerud and Alejandro Bedoya.

Clearly things are not going well for Americans and that's doubly true in Europe. The U.S. needs players to be playing regularly and well for their clubs and that's not happening right now. Klinsmann is hardly being inflammatory in saying so, and he's crossing his fingers just as much as the rest of us hoping it changes.