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Mix Diskerud reportedly signing with Club Tijuana

Diskerud looks to be the latest American joining Xolos.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Mix Diskerud may have a new home, and it's in the Americas, but it's not in MLS. According to Raul Guzman, Diskerud is on the verge of signing with Club Tijuana in Liga MX.

Diskerud's contract with Rosenborg ends in December so he will be free to sign with any club he wants. He can make it official now with a pre-contract too so it doesn't just have to be agreed to in principle. The player and club can sign the contract now.

Tijuana has been a popular landing spot for Americans. The club has actively scouted American players, young and old. That the city is on the U.S.-Mexico border and players can even live in San Diego has to be a plus, but Diskerud would be a new breed of Americans for Xolos. He wouldn't be Mexican-American.

Joe Corona, Greg Garza, Edgar Castillo and the team's youth players all have Mexican background. Diskerud, on the other hand, is of Norwegian background.

Diskerud spent the last week with Corona in San Diego, so that could have been to prepare for this move, sort it out or decide if he wanted to live there. That his mother lives in Arizona, which isn't far from Tijuana, has to be a plus too.

Xolos could use some help in the midfield and a bit of a creative spark. Diskerud would help with that and Liga MX would be the highest level league that he has ever played in.

The one concern would be that the league doesn't always emphasize defense and Jurgen Klinsmann has been pushing Diskerud deeper and deeper on the field of late, requiring more defensive work. That probably wouldn't be super well-developed at Xolos, although the technical play and constant interchange could improve his ability to read the game from a defensive position.

Diskerud nearly signed with MLS on two occasions, first for the Portland Timbers and then for the Columbus Crew. It's clear he likes the American lifestyle and wants to live in the U.S., but he has also said he wants his contract to be owned by the club and city, not the league, as is the case with MLS. Xolos takes care of that for him, as he will be a Club Tijuana player, but live in San Diego.

All in all, it's tough to find fault in this move for Diskerud, who will be happy personally and challenged professionally at a quality club.