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Mix Diskerud says he hasn't signed with Tijuana, MLS high on his list

Where in the world is Mix going?

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Mix Diskerud has not signed for Club Tijuana, nor is that his most likely landing spot. The United States midfielder clarified his status to ESPNFC after a report on Thursday indicated he was ready to join the Liga MX side.

"A Club somewhere in Estados Unidos - if - in the Americas," Diskerud wrote in an email when asked about his sclub status. "If I do sign with a new club - it will either be my new or old Club that gets to inform you of it.

"I have had fantastic people, with so much passion for their clubs and our sport approach me lately. I do not want to disappoint anyone. Not now. Not after the season is over either."

Diskerud's contract with Rosenborg expires this month and their season is already over so he is in the offseason and shopping for a club. He has been linked to clubs throughout Europe, as well as in MLS.

Most people expect Diskerud to sign with MLS. He has nearly joined the league twice before, first with the Portland Timbers and then with the Columbus Crew, but has objected to his contract being owned by the league, not the club. That isn't something likely to change anytime soon so he'll have to deal with that if he wants to play in MLS, something it appears he would like. Not only did he tell ESPNFC that is likely, but he spends a lot of time in the U.S. and has spoken of how much he likes the country.

Xolos appears to provide Diskerud the ideal landing spot. It is a higher level league than MLS and it is right by the U.S.-Mexico border so he could like in San Diego, but play for the Liga MX club. On top of that, the team has several Americans, which would make the transition easier.

Neither Tijuana nor Rosenborg confirmed nor denied the report that he had signed in Mexico so right now, Diskerud is still on the search for a club. Apparently MLS is most likely if he crosses the Atlantic, but at this point, it feels like a total crapshoot.