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DeAndre Yedlin reportedly gets UK work permit for Tottenham Hotspur

The road is clear for DeAndre Yedlin to join Spurs.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

DeAndre Yedlin has a his UK work permit, according to the Sunday People. It was reported before that Yedlin has been cleared to join Tottenham Hotspur in January and the Seattle Sounders said they expected him to join the Premier League club then, but it was unclear how he did it. Now we see that it is a work permit.

The American was not automatically eligible for a UK work permit. The rules state that a player has to have played in 75 percent of his national team's competitive matches over the last two years and Yedlin had not done so. That means he had to appeal to get a work permit, and now we see that the appeal was successful.

With Yedlin having been a regular member of the United States team since getting his first cap in January, as well as his prominent role at the World Cup, his appeal was pretty solid. It's clear he is a major part of the U.S. team and will continue to be going forward.

Yedlin is of Latvian descent and he had applied for a passport from the country. If he got it then he wouldn't need a work permit because anyone who holds a passport from a European Union country is automatically allowed to play in the UK, but there was no word on whether Yedlin got a passport. If he has a work permit, though, that makes the passport irrelevant for now. He can play for Spurs regardless.

It will be interesting to see how Tottenham use Yedlin. Kyle Walker is back and fit, so he's their clear right back. Kyle Naughton is also fit again, and he's their primary back up. Will Yedlin crack the right back rotation, or maybe he's used as a defensive substitution and used at right midfield?