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DeAndre Yedlin set to join Tottenham Hotspur in mid-December

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

DeAndre Yedlin will join Tottenham Hotspur later this month, according to Seattle Sounders general manager Adrian Hanauer. Exactly when Yedlin would begin playing for Spurs has been unclear ever since the United States international signed with the Premier League club, but it appears as if that has finally been sorted out.

Yedlin signed with Spurs on August 13. Tottenham agreed to the deal with MLS and the Sounders, but it was contingent on Yedlin staying with Seattle through the end of the MLS season. Through it all, neither club nor Yedlin said when he would join Tottenham. January was an option, but so was staying with the Sounders until next summer or even going on loan to another club until the summer. Everything was speculation and guessing.

Part of the reason that nobody had any idea when Yedlin would begin playing for Spurs is because he did not automatically qualify for a UK work permit. He would have to either win an appeal to get one or he would have to get a passport from another European Union country to be able to play in the Premier League. Yedlin is of Latvian descent and eligible for citizenship so he went about that route, applying for a passport, which would make him able to play for Tottenham.

With it unclear what Yedlin's passport or work permit situation was, Spurs could determine when he would play for them. They didn't know when he could play for them, their desires be damned.

Now it looks like he will join them for training later this month and, presumably, be eligible to play in January. That would mean that he got his Latvian passport or they are extremely confident he will be successful in a work permit appeal.

So Yedlin is going to Spurs, which we knew, but now we known when: in a couple weeks. He's going to be a Tottenham player.