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Bobby Wood looking to leave 1860 Munich

The 22-year-old has been buried at the 2. Bundesliga club and needs to get out.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Bobby Wood was one of the United States' more promising young players and it was looked at as a huge boost when he signed with 1860 Munich. He did well there, earning a spot with the first team and playing in the 2. Bundesliga. But that was before this season, when he fell out of favor and now he is looking to get a transfer away from the club.

"Hopefully something will change," he said when Goal asked if he was looking to leave the club. "That’s what I’m trying to do right now but we’ll see. It’s hard to say right now."

Wood has played just four minutes for 1860 since August. He is completely out of the picture and manager Markus von Ahlen sent him to train with the reserves.

Wood is currently with the U.S. in January training camp, which says a fair bit about his standing with 1860. If he was playing or would play coming out of the German winter break, 1860 would want him resting and then training with them, but they have no desire to keep him around so they released him to train with the U.S.

Jurgen Klinsmann has been a big fan of Wood's, calling him up throughout the fall despite his not getting time with his club. It's obvious that Wood has promise and has shown flashes of what could be for the U.S., but he also needs a fair bit of polishing. There is plenty of time for the 22-year-old to get that, but requires playing and it looks like 1860 isn't going to give it to him.

The good news is 1860 isn't going to fight to keep him. At least Klinsmann doesn't believe so.

"Right now it looks most like that they are ready to release him basically if the right offers are coming in and the right clubs wants to have open discussion," Klinsmann said.

It's unclear which clubs might be interested in him. It's tough to imagine nobody wanting him so the offers should be there. Hopefully a deal gets worked out with a club where he can play and grow.