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Juan Agudelo weighing offer from 1860 Munich

The American striker has been without a club for eight months.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Juan Agudelo might finally have found himself a club. According to Goal, Agudelo is considering an offer to sign with 1860, which would land him in the Bundesliga and, most importantly, mean he would be playing again.

Agudelo is just 22 years old and should be in the discussion with the most promising young American strikers, but he has completely fallen off the map since his UK work permit appeal was denied and Stoke City released him in May. Agudelo joined Stoke a year ago and, after his work permit appeal failed, he joined FC Utrecht on loan. He played well for the Eredivisie club and hoped that would boost his work permit chances, but his second appeal failed in May and Stoke gave up on him. Since then, Agudelo has been a free agent.

For a 22-year-old to go eight months without playing is a huge roadblock in his development. Agudelo has reportedly had interest from other clubs, but none panned out so his career has been on hold.

1860 Munich need striker help. They are in a relegation fight and Agudelo would immediately step into very important matches. 1860 are also looking to get rid of fellow American Bobby Wood, so they need more bodies up front. If the club were to be relegated, Agudelo would likely be released from his contract so he doesn't need to worry about playing in the third division, but it would leave him looking for another club again.

More than anything, Agudelo needs to be on a club, training and playing again. 1860 can do that for him. So could a few other clubs. Agudelo isn't in a place where he can be overly picky at this point.

It wasn't too long ago that Agudelo was doing a nice job in the Eredivisie. He can still get his career on track and be a national team player again. Step 1 is finding a club.