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You need to watch the goal Danny Williams scored

Danny Williams is a defensive midfielder, and not an extraordinarily skilled one at that. Goals are rare for him and great goals, well, they're nearly non-existent. But then on Sunday, he did this.

Hot damn!

That goal gave Reading a 1-0 lead on Blackburn Rovers, but it was so good that it should have counted for two. Or considering that a defensive midfielder scored it, maybe it should have counted for three. Something like that. Instead, it just lives forever here on the internet, where amazing things are appreciated forever (or at least until the next amazing thing happens).

It will be interesting to see how Williams factors into Jurgen Klinsmann's team going forward. Kyle Beckerman has slowed down and there isn't an obvious defensive midfield replacement. The midfield will see a lot of turnover and Williams will be just 29 at the next World Cup. If he can add some of this level skill to his game -- maybe not scoring goals but even with some tidy passing -- maybe he will be the man.