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HSV and Julian Green deny report that player is going to U-23s

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Julian Green isn't going to the U-23s after all. Following multiple reports that the American had been demoted to the youth team, both he and the Hamburg sporting director have denied that he is no longer a first team player.

The confusion apparently came from a suggestion that Green could play in some U-23 matches. The 19-year-old has struggled to get on the field this season, having made just five appearances while on loan from Bayern Munich, so HSV will consider using him in youth matches just to get him reps.

"He's not moving to the Under-23 team," HSV press officer Lars Wegener told MLS Soccer. "Our sport director said that maybe he could play for the U-23s a couple times when he is not in the first-team squad. The reason is to get him some matches and more practice. He is still with the first team in training."

That is about as clear as can be. Green took to Facebook to say just about the same.

"Neither the coach nor the sporting director has spoken so far with me. I learned from the press that I'm supposedly playing for the U23 now. HSV has pledged that on the third day of the season to strengthen the first team. That was and is my goal and was the reason for my transfer. I am license players, I haven't dont anything wrong and I give everything in every training. I'm ready to make my contribution to the objective of keeping us in the league. If I can play, I'll score goals."

This has still been a really rough season for Green. He went to a poor HSV team because that was a place he could get first division playing time, but the jump from the fourth division has looked to be a little too much at once. Exactly what Bayern Munich's plans for him are still unclear, but a tough six months won't change the fact that he is still an immensely talented player and one of the Americans' brighter prospects.