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Mauricio Pochettino says Spurs plan to bring DeAndre Yedlin along slowly

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

There are high hopes for DeAndre Yedlin at Tottenham Hotspur. The 21-year-old just joined the Premier League club in one of the biggest moves a young American has ever made, but what are Spurs' plans for Yedlin?

They plan to take their time with him.

Manager Mauricio Pochettino told MLS Soccer that they do not want to rush Yedlin. They brought him in this January as opposed to the summer so that he could settle in, not just to the club, but to living in a new country.

"DeAndre is newly arrived in London and, like all young players, requires a process of adaptation, to learn a new way, to learn a new culture," Pochettino said in Spanish." We have to go carefully, quietly, giving time to settle both on and off the field so they may, from there, show their qualities.

"But obviously if he's here it is because we expect a lot from him."

There's still no word yet on what position Spurs want to play Yedlin at or in what role. Most likely, that's because they do not know yet. Pochettino likes to move players around and probably wants to see Yedlin play some before he decides where to play him.

That Spurs plan to take things slowly with Yedlin explains why they let him go off to play Chile and Panama with the United States. It was a chance to get him matches and experience new things without much lost because they don't want him for the first team quite yet. And now that he's back in London, he will probably train with the first team and play with the reserves, giving him a chance to get matches and stay fit while adjusting to a higher level of play.