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Jurgen Klinsmann recruiting German-American Ashton Götz for USMNT

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

The United States might soon have another German-American. According to the Hamburger Morgenpost, Jurgen Klinsmann has reached out to Hamburg'sAshton Götz and is trying to get him to join the U.S.

Götz is a 21-year-old right back who only recently made the jump from HSV's U-23s to the first team. He only has nine appearances for HSV in the Bundesliga, but he has shown well since his debut in the fall and has been in the team for just about every match since.

It sounds like Götz is open to playing for the U.S. He didn't commit to anything, but the report said that Klinsmann called Götz last week and that the right back could join the Americans was training as soon as March.

"Ashton is very honored and very interested," agent Björn Gerke told the Morgenpost. "The plan is for him to have clearer picture of things soon."

The U.S. is hardly desperate for right backs. Fabian Johnson is still first choice there, while DeAndre Yedlin is the young, up-and-coming option, and Timothy Chandler is also in the mix. But more options is never a bad thing, and Johnson's versatility means he could end up at another position, so having another young player to compete with Yedlin would be ideal.

Like many of the German-American, Götz is the son of a German mother and an American serviceman father. That automatically makes him a citizen of the U.S., although there could be some difficulty in getting him a passport because he has no relationship with his father. That wouldn't keep Götz from obtaining the passport necessary to play for the U.S., but not having the American parent supporting your case does make the process more convoluted and it will likely take longer. Terrence Boyd had the same issue when he applied for a passport.