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Alejandro Bedoya signs new contract with FC Nantes

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Alejandro Bedoya is staying at FC Nantes. The American has signed a new contract with the club that will keep him there until 2019.

Bedoya's contract was set to expire next year and the sides were initially far apart. Had they not agreed on a new deal, Nantes probably would have sold Bedoya this summer to avoid getting nothing for him when he left on a free the following year.

After signing with Nantes in August 2013, Bedoya emerged as one of the more important players at the club. His versatility and consistency made him a regular and as his status with his club climbed, the same was true of his status with the national team. He became a regular with the United States and over the last 18 months, may have been the most consistent and dependable player at Jurgen Klinsmann's disposal.

There were some thoughts that Bedoya might go to MLS if he couldn't work out a deal with Nantes. The league has been signing up American internationals left and right and while that ones they've nabbed have bigger profiles than Bedoya, it could be argued that none of them are playing better right now. There was also reported interest from the Bundesliga, but he's going to stay in Ligue 1 with a club he's become very comfortable and happy with.