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Julian Green's time at Hamburg is getting worse

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Julian Green wasn't playing with the Hamburg first team, so he was sent to the second division club 1860 Munich. Only he didn't want to go. Hamburg responded by sending him to their youth team, another place Green doesn't want to be. But while Green could say no to moving to another club, he couldn't say no to which team Hamburg decided to play him so he suited up for the Hamburg youth team.

Suiting up appears to be all he was interested in doing, if a report from Kicker is to be believed, though.

"Julian Green made anything but a good impression," the report reads. "The 19-year-old played only back-passes and coasted at a jogging pace the entire match."

Kicker went on to say that Green left Hamburg "outnumbered."

Clearly, Green relationship with Hamburg has deteriorated. That's nothing new. He went on loan to HSV from Bayern Munich in search of playing time, but the manager who brought him in and played him early on was fired a month into the season. Ever since, it has been a lot of bench time and fighting with the club.

That said, this does not reflect well upon Green. Maybe some of the details aren't entirely accurate, but if the American is going to play, he has to give it an honest effort. If not, that information is going to find its way to other clubs and other managers, which won't serve him well going forward.

Green is still just 19 years old and teenagers do dumb stuff sometimes. Hopefully Green learns from this and can find a new club to thrive at next season.