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Just kidding. Germany take Zelalem off their U-18 roster

Zelalem's name gets edited out of U-18 roster and article.

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

When Gedion Zelalem's name appeared on a Under 18 roster for Germany on Tuesday panic spread around the US Soccer community. Had our next great hope abandoned us just when we thought he'd chosen us?

Well, it turns out, he hasn't. Two days later his name is nowhere to be found. Even the news article on Google highlighted Zelalem as the prized name on the incoming roster:


Now, if you click on the article, his name is mysteriously missing. Someone should tell them how this internet thing works.

The URL of the article still advertises Zelalem:

What does this mean for Zelalem's situation? Probably nothing. He's still waiting for FIFA's approval to join the United States, but don't be surprised to see him training with the Yanks very soon. Klinsmann has a history of calling in high profile dual citizens to train with the team before they are actually eligible.