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Bayern Munich chairman says Julian Green needs another year on loan

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Julian Green is highly unlikely to be at Bayern Munich next season. Surprise!

The 19-year-old American has had a disastrous season on loan at Hamburg and Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said that they expect to send him out on loan again next season. They don't think he's ready for Bayern yet, which pretty much everyone in the world would agree with.

"If, at the end, he comes back -- and it looks like he will come back -- at the end of the season, then we have to sit together and find the best solution for him," Rummenigge said. "I don't believe the first step will be here at Bayern. Probably, he will need one more year in a club wherever -- in Germany, in England, I don't know -- to show his quality because I believe he does have the quality."

It's good that Bayern still believe in his potential. This season has gone so badly that it could have changed a lot of people's opinion, but the club aren't jumping off the bandwagon. Rummenigge has said before that he understands why Green's situation turned sour, as the club has struggled and fired the manager who brought Green in not long after the American joined up. HSV just fired their second manager of the season.

Green was never going to make Bayern's first team next season. He hasn't played a full season -- actually played, not just been a part of the team like this season -- in either of the top two divisions before. He needs that experience because making the jump from the reserves to the first team is tough anywhere, but at Bayern it's nearly impossible.

Hamburg almost certainly aren't bringing Green back next season, so where will he go? It's another season of loan rumors for Green and the United States as he and Bayern look for the right fit.