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Tim Ream named Bolton Player of the Year again

Paul Thomas/Getty Images

Tim Ream has been voted Bolton's Player of the Year. Again.

The United States defender has been named the Championship club's top player by the Bolton fans for the second year in a row. That alone is a noteworthy accomplishment, but it's even more amazing when you consider how many troubles Ream had when he first joined Bolton. He was terrible, couldn't stay in the team and looked destined to get shipped out. But then he turned things around, settled in and quickly became one of their best players. In the opinion of some, he's been their best players for the last two years and he has two trophies to prove it.

Ream's emergence as Bolton's top player also got him back in the national team picture. While his skills on the ball would make him a logical fit in Jurgen Klinsmann's system, that hasn't been the case. Klinsmann has been reluctant to give him looks, but whereas he couldn't even get a call-up before, now he's been included on a few rosters and made brief substitute appearances. Hopefully his continued club success will continue to get him national team looks and he can bolster a U.S. backline that can use every option available.

In the meantime, congratulations, Tim. You've been great for Bolton and deserve to add another trophy to your mantle.