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Bob Bradley's Stabaek red-hot in Norway

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Bob Bradley has Stabaek flying. The American manager has led his team to five straight wins, each one of them a shutout and they now sit in second place in the Norwegian top flight.

Bradley made a bit of a curious move when he took over Stabaek a little over a year ago. After a successful run as the United States manager, then an admirable job during a trying time with Egypt, many thought he could end up in a mid-level European league. But he ended up taking a job in Norway, and at a club that had just been promoted to the top flight at that.

In Bradley's first season at Stabaek, the team finished in ninth place and made the cup semifinals. Now, they're in second place and in the mix for their first title since 2008.

While American players have made big strides in Europe and are more respected than ever before, the same can't be said for American managers. It's been very difficult for them to break through, but Bradley is doing his part. He's one of the few Americans in Europe, the only one leading a first division club, and he's doing a great job. Maybe that job in a bigger league isn't too far off.