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Aron Johannsson a target of Werder Bremen?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Aron Johannsson's club future appears to be up in the air. He's still at AZ Alkmaar, but there are rumors that he is eyeing a move to MLS and now Bild is reporting that Werder Bremen is interested in signing the United States striker.

Bild isn't an especially reliable source. They routinely have rumors that are in no way based in truth. That said, they sometimes get things right and first so they aren't to be dismissed out of hand.

Werder Bremen do need help up front and are on the search for strikers. Jurgen Klinsmann's connections in Germany also make it entirely possible that he has put in a good word on Johannsson's behalf so it is distinctly possible that the American striker really is on the Bundesliga club's radar.

More realistically, Bremen took a quick look at Johannsson, but aren't particularly interested in signing him. Johannsson has proven himself in the Eredivisie, but has struggled for the U.S. and is 24 years old so it's not like he's a youngster with a ton of untapped potential. A move to Bremen, a good midtable Bundesliga team, might be a leap too big for him. Then again, this is all guessing and speculation.

It's looking increasingly like Johannsson won't be at AZ for much longer. Where he lands is anyone's guess, but you can bet that Klinsmann is doing all he can to keep the striker in Europe.