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DeAndre Yedlin running out of loan options away from Tottenham

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It doesn't look like DeAndre Yedlin is going to get the loan deal that he, Tottenham Hotspur and really anyone else wanted. The European transfer window slammed shut on Monday without a loan completed and now he has just one day to find a loan in the Premier League or Scotland. If he can't do that by Tuesday then a loan to a lower division will be his only options.

According to Goal, there was interest from some decent clubs in good leagues, but they all fell through. One team from the Bundesliga was eyeing him, but teams from Germany and the Netherlands had their offers rebuffed by Spurs. Clubs from Belgium and Turkey were also sniffing around.

Yedlin hasn't made an impact at all since joining Tottenham in January. In fact, it's been nine months since he played regular club soccer and that has to change. With no spot in the Spurs team for him, it looked like a loan would do that, but now that's in the balance. The options are dwindling and Yedlin's future is very much in doubt. This is the last thing that Yedlin, or Jurgen Klinsmann, wanted. But here we are.

At this point, the best case scenario would be a Premier League loan to a club in need of a right back, but that's unlikely. A loan to the Championship where he can play regularly would do the job, but even that doesn't look imminent.