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Werder Bremen CEO heaps praise upon Jordan Morris

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Jordan Morris is training with Werder Bremen as he searches for his first professional club, and the Bundesliga team appears to be very impressed with what they're seeing. Werder Bremen CEO Thomas Eichin had nothing but good things to say about the 21-year-old American.

"He does a few things, you usually rarely see," Eichin told German paper Kreiszeitung. "He has his sights set on the goal at all time, does not think about it too much, and he reminds me of my time in ice hockey.

"He's a typical American lad, always positive."

There's no word on how long Morris will train with Bremen. He's listed on the United States' roster for January camp, so they expect him back in the country at some point in the next three weeks, but finding the right club for the start of his professional career is obviously the priority.

Morris has been in search of a club ever since he decided to leave Stanford last month. He has a standing offer from the Seattle Sounders that would make him the highest-paid Homegrown player in MLS history, but is also looking around Europe and presumably has interest from clubs other than Bremen as well.

But for now, Morris is at Bremen, and he's playing well. He has the club intrigued and with the team in need of help up front, he may have an avenue to the first team if he chooses to sign with the Bundesliga side.

As for whether Morris will sign with Bremen and how interested the club are, it's about wages, of course.

"We have to check a few things first, it's about compensation," Eichin said. "This could be a creative transfer."