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John Brooks agrees to new contract with Hertha Berlin

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

John Brooks has agreed to a new contract with Hertha Berlin and will stay at the club for the foreseeable future. The Bundesliga side and its CEO tweeted out the news, with the contract set to be signed in the coming days to make it official.

Brooks' existing contract was set to expire in 2017 and Hertha had made securing his long-term future a priority. The two sides have been working on a new contract for months, but a new deal wasn't always sure to happen. There was an impasse in December and Hertha talked about selling him if he didn't sign a new contract so they wouldn't have to risk losing him for free or on the cheap. However, last week the club said he wouldn't be sold in January, which now we see is because they were making progress on a new deal.

The American centerback has played very well of late and looks well entrenched as a starter. Of course, this has happened before, where Brooks has a great run of form, only to later struggle and be sent to the bench. But Brooks may have sorted things out now and figured out the consistency needed to make good on his considerable talent.

Hertha has been Brooks' only home. He came through their academy, to the reserves and then onto the first team. Now he's set to stay there, and with Hertha in their best form in years as they've climbed to third in the Bundesliga. All is well for Brooks.