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Matt Miazga gets Chelsea squad number, named to Champions League roster

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Matt Miazga will wear No. 20 for Chelsea. The Blues put out their squad numbers for the second half of the season and the American has been handed the same number that he wore for the New York Red Bulls.

Miazga was registered by Chelsea for both the Premier League and Champions League, making him eligible for both. That Miazga would be named to the Premier League roster was somewhat of a given, with it widely reported that any team that signed him being required to guarantee his place on the team for the remainder of the season.

That Miazga was named to Chelsea's Champions League roster is somewhat notable, especially considering that he made the squad ahead of Radamel Falcao, but it's still not much of a surprise. Falcao is the only non-youth player that was left off of Chelsea's roster and he hasn't played a match since October, with the Blues making no secret of their desire to offload him. Miazga probably won't play in the Champions League anyway, but making the roster is nice, no matter the circumstances.

So Miazga is going to be available for selection in all of Chelsea's competitions for the remainder of the season. And he's going to be wearing No. 20. You can go buy your jerseys now.