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WATCH: 12 minutes of Christian Pulisic & Ousmane Dembele awesomeness

It’s a video you should watch.

Here’s what happened. After editing some posts this morning, I found myself on YouTube somehow and came across this video of Christian Pulisic and Ousmane Dembele highlights. It’s 12 minutes long and I watched it and enjoyed it. So, I decided you guys might like it too. So, I’m doing this post.

I have no other rhyme or reason for doing it other than that. Also, I must admit that I thoroughly enjoy watching both players play soccer. This is obviously a U.S. Soccer blog and I’m required by the constitution to love Christian Pulisic like he’s my illegitimate son. However, it’s with great reluctance that I reveal that I also have a man-crush on Dembele as well.

I’ve read the comments on our various Weekend open threads and the debates between Pulisic and Dembele have been rather heated. Personally, I love them both. They both are extremely talented players and have the potential to be legitimate superstars in the world of soccer relatively soon.

So, enjoy the video. Enjoy your Thursday. Feel free to enter into a comment section deathmatch about which Dortmund phenom will replace Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid. Be well.